Though the scars remind me of it
I know now that it’ll all be over
The pain will wear away with time
I will always remember
That all the pain will wear away with time.

Celebratory day!! No self harm in 7 months!! Holla at yo girl for being strong!! In honor I’m gonna send positive vibes to all ya’ll cause every one should feel good and nice inside.

Update my dad thinks the world is about him. Remind you of anyone?

My father ditched us so we took a selfie
so high on pain meds rn send me questions or love cause everything bad is hitting me like a thunderstorm

sweaty self portrait of my reflection in a fan (“88 degrees, feels like 97”)



the complete set of posters, made by students at New College of Florida. 

Hey everyone—these were made by New College students last orientation (2013) to passively teach about consent on campus. 

Now that these are all over the interwebs, please “like” New College’s new sexual violence resource center, the SHARE Resource Center. SHARE stands for Sexual Health and Relationship Education—all of our future sexual violence prevention education programming will be coming out of here! Once the center opens, it will be open 24/7 and be available as a resource center for those in crisis, for their friends, and to learn about being an active bystander. 

→ LOST CAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi guys!!!!! my friend Miranda (tumblr user sunshinebabycat) lost her beloved cat Luna on july 11th in Windsor Heights, Iowa. She loves this cat more than anything and we’d like to get this kitty back soon as possible!

This cat is black, microchipped and collarless and has big green eyes….



love poem for myself / collection of things i’m working towards believing, part 1. i made this for my comics project! sorry the scan quality isn’t so great.

Needed this today